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Does Your Berber Carpet Still Smell of Urine Even After It's Been Professionally Cleaned?

Do What the Professionals Can't or Woln't, Eliminate the Urine Smell Forever!

Treat the areas where the spots used to be with OdorXit. You can eliminate the urine smell forever!

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Cleaning carpet that has been contaminated with urine in hopes of removing the urine odor is a challenge that is beyond the ability of most carpet cleaning techniques. Berber carpeting, with its deep twisted pile, presents an very tough problem. Even the very best carpet cleaning chemicals and machines simply do not remove all the urine residue (urea salt) from the carpeting, padding and flooring. And with the twisted pile, it is even more difficult to get the urine residue out of just the carpet. Want proof? Ask for a written guarantee!

The solution is to neutralize urine residue left in the carpet so that it can no longer produce the objectionable odor. OdorXit Concentrate is the only product available that will actually neutralize the urea and blocks the production of mercaptan gases (the stuff that smells bad) without damaging you carpet.

Commercial grade Berber carpet has an additional problem due to the way it is manufactured with two layers of backing and lots of glue. The glue forms thousands of little pokets where urine collects. The critical issue here is that OdorXit solution does not have the time to get into these little hiding places to neutralize all the urine residue. Mixing OdorXit with 3 or 4 ounces of carpet cleanter containing surfactant reduces this problem considerably.

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to eliminate the smell of urine in your carpeting and flooring. Call us today toll free at 1-877-OdorXit for help solving your odor problems! OdorXit's Mission

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