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Remove Urine Odor From:

Even if you can't get your kids to clean up their room you can control the odor with Magic by OdorXit. Just a few pumps of the included mist sprayer and the odors are gone for days or longer. No cover-up perfume smell left behind either.


Does Your Kid's Bedroom Smell Like A Locker Room?

Magic by OdorXit will work for you
or all your money back

  • Magic stops sweety clothes odors for days per application.
  • More cost effective than anyother room deodorant.
  • The solution is so simple you woln't believe it!
  • No heavy perfume smell (it not a coverup).
  • Even works on shoe odors.

Magic by OdorXit Products is a very lightly scented odor absorber that can be used to remove really bad odors from the air you breath. 5 or 10 pumps of the included mist sprayer will eliminate male and female bedroom odors for days, even if you don't take all the dirty close out of the room..

The only down side to using Magic in a hospital or nursing home setting, is that you will not smell the tell-tail odors from patents in need of your care.

With Magic by OdorXit, You can safely, quickly and finally eliminate those nasty odors you have to deal with on a day to day basis. OdorXit Products contain no perfumes, cover ups, enzymes, bacteria, harsh solvents or VOCs.

OdorXit Magic odor remover

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