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A real, unsolicited testimonial (results are based on recommended usage)

Dear Martin

If anyone ever doubts the effectiveness of Odorxit Let them read this.

Florida is the "critter" state! Any size, shape or form and we have it.

In the summer of 2003 our attic became invaded by the citrus/roof rat species. How did I know? The decaying rat odor permeated the entire home.

At first I thought it might be "sewer" odor coming from a shower drain; for two weeks every conceivable remedy being tried. The daily temps were in the 90's and it was so bad that in addition to part of the house being closed off-evacuation for part of each day became mandatory.

The dead rats were removed but the odor lingered. Pest control companies said that nothing could be done. The extension service said to try using essential oils. Then I heard Gary Sullivan talk about a product that eliminated pet odors. Off to the computer I went and found your EXCELLENT web site.

Well, the rest is history. OdorXit was applied immediately upon receiving the order and within "2" days the odor started to abate. Temperatures were soaring so another application was made.

Two months later my "sniffer" indicated there was another decaying rat but this time only 1 treatment was needed upon removing the rat! Odor was gone totally within 12 hours.

So, here we are in 2004 and the temps have already hit 100 degrees.

There is absolutely NO ODOR!

When my son called me 2 days ago about "pet" odors left behind by a vacating tenant it was a no brain answer. "Call Martin and order the OdorXit right away". I just printed out the mailed him the instructions for real estate rehab (mother's do come in handy!).

So, to any skeptics I just have one thing to say:

Try it..smell for yourself...it works.

And, in addition to the product that upholds truth in advertising, the CUSTOMER SERVICE is not just Excellent but in today's society a rarity!*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

The Rat Lady
Clearwater, FL (Original available for faxing)


Is An Animal Nest
Giving You A Big Odor Problem?

OdorXit Concentrate
rat, mouse, squirrel, skunk or raccoon
nest odor foreve

Guranteed or your money back

You now have a powerful tool that will eliminate even the worst nest odors anywhere.

In attics, walls, basements, cars, under porches, garages and barns, where ever they may be. OdorXit Concentrate is that powerful tool.

If removing an animal nest sounds like more than you want to deal with, get some OdorXit Concentrate. Hand your pest removal contractor a trigger spray bottle of OdorXit Concentrate solution and ask him to spray any area that he finds a nest or dead animal.

Buy OdorXit odor remover kits

He will be as pleased with the results as you will and probably ask where you got the stuff in the sprayer. He must spray directly on any and all of the area below the nest - where ever rat, mouse, squirrel even raccoon nest odors may be left. The OdorXit Concentrate will eliminate the odor forever!

If you can't get to the nest to remove the bulk of the odor, you can still get rid of nest smells in walls without removing the nest.

Magic by OdorXit sprayed in the area where the odor is coming from - along the bottom of the wall and on any holes, pipes or outlets in the wall where the odor is coming from, and for several weeks the odor will be completely gone.

OdorXit products are not a cover-up or perfume. OdorXit Concentrate actually neutralizes the substances that are causing the odor problem while OdorXit Magic absorbs the odors for weeks. Even though Concentrate and Magic are very different products and use very different technologies, they are both safe, effective and leave no odor of their own. OdorXit Products are safe and natural.

In addition to providing products that really work, we offer a 100% money back guarantee,

We also provide expert online and live help to answer your questions about how to eliminate rodent and nest odors. E-Mail your question to: Ask Questions or call our toll free help line during business hours EST: 1-877-636-7948 from North America or 001-513-895-1000 from the rest of the world.

For information on how to get rid of the odors you don't want to smell, check out the Odor Wizard for the answer.

16oz OdorXit Concentrate 8oz Magic Kit

Concentrate/Magic Kit (16 oz Concentrate - 8 oz Magic)

Buy OdorXit odor remover

OdorXit Concentrate and Magic by OdorXit is a great one-two punch combo kit when you have odors to eliminate recurring odors in the same areas. Such as a carpet. Or animal nests with odors you want eliminated now but can't get rid of the nest. You often can't get rid of urine smells in carpet 100% either, so having the Magic as a backup to eliminate 'the rest of the odor' even if it is for up to two weeks, is still great when company is coming over and there are so many they will be sitting on the floor. where the dog had the accidents.

Spray OdorXit Magic after using OdorXit Concentrate on the pillows and areas where the nap is so close together you just can't get the Concentrate to all the fibers the first time.

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