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Taxidermy Application Notes

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  • Taxidermy Testimonals

    What Taxidermists who use OdorXit say:

    Neves Taxidermy, Inc. & Hunting Consultants

    Congratulations Gene on a pending World Record Markhor

    A really nice goat
    "I've tried different products to get the coat smell out of sheep and goats but it seems whatever you try the smell stays. Then last year I tried OdorXit to get cat pee smell out of 3 big brown russian bear rugs and to my suprise after they had dried the smell was gone!

    That led me to try it on goat mounts. I had a trophy Markhor life size to do for a very good client and after using a few times the goat smell was gone.

    Needless to say, you have the a faithfull customer from now on.

    Keep up the good work."

    Fernando Neves
    Fax and phone 845-583-7814

    Jim Edgers of Authentic Supplies

    "Nothing could get the smell out of fish! I was pulling my hair out...and when it's your last one that's serious! Then I found OdorXit. I'm telling you for a fact - IT WORKS! Absolutely hands down it works.

    Jim Edgers of Authentic Supplies, Memphis, Tennessee 1-800-264-1801

    Tall Tales Taxidermy

    "Nothing is worse than a noxious odor, right? Well, imagine spending thousands of dollars on a hunt, not to mention the hundreds to your taxidermist, all to have a trophy you can't display in your home because it reeks. As a Taxidermist, I see this happen all the time when my customers acquire certain animals that even tanning cannot squelch their odor. Until now, there was nothing I could do except breathe a sigh of relief that the animal was not mine and therefore would not be stinking-up my house!"

    "Now, I have a new service I can provide to my customers. With the use of Odor X-it, I can enable these hunters to finally display those closeted trophies! After two applications of Odor X-it, you cannot even smell a trace of the odor that put that animal in exile. Odor X-it is now a must on my supply list and I can gladly say that I provide a service to my customers that my competitors do not! Instead of cringing when I get a stinky animal in my shop, I can just add an Extra deodorizing charge and say Happy Hunting to my customers!"

    --Yukon Grubaugh / Tall Tales Taxidermy, Anchorage, Alaska
    -- Phone 907-338-5153 --

    How long are you going to put off buying OdorXit?
    It's the one that really works!

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