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Dear OdorXit,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your product. We live in central Florida in a ranch style house with lots of trees and bushes. The roof rats climb up and get in through the soffit in spite of our best efforts to stop them. When they get into the attic and die, they stink for weeks. Your OdorXit Concentrate products is the only one that got rid of the odor and it only took about an hour for the odor inside the house to be gone. Great stuff!"

JoAnn R, Orlando FL.*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

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Do You Have A Dead Roof Rat In your Attic That's Stinking Up Your Whole House?

Then it's time to stop fooling around with perfumes and aerosols and get rid of the source of the odor NOW! Get a critter getter to remove the dead rat and nesting material and have him spray the area where the rat was with OdorXit Concentrate solution to remove the odor completely in one treatment!

or all your money back

I don't have to tell you that a dead roof rat will be very smelly for weeks. Even after you remove the dead body the smell continues. Bleach, ammonia, detergent, enzymes don't even touch the odor. OdorXit Concentrate eliminates the odor completely!

OdorXit Concentrate is really safe and effective. It contains only water and essential oils, no enzymes, bacteria, or other harmful products and OdorXit products are non-staining, non-toxic, and biodegradable.


OdorXit Concentrate:

  • removes roof rat odor completely!
  • contains no bacteria, enzymes, or harsh chemicals
  • is safe to use and very effective on dead animal odors
  • Next day delivery is available on orders placed before noon EST Mon-Thurs.

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