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Removing Tobacco and Other Smoke Odors with OdorXit® CLO2

Houses and Rental Property

Removing tobacco smoke odor out of houses and rental property is always a problem. The biggest part of the problem is that you or some one else has painted over the tobacco smoke residue in an attempt to cover up or seal in the odor. Most of the time without even washing the walls before painting. With OdorXit ClO2, all is not lost. Removing tobacco smoke or any smoke odor from houses or rental property that has been painted just takes longer (often 2 to 4 weeks of treatment to soak through the paint).

If you wash and rinse the walls and treat the smoke with OdorXit ClO2 before you paint, it's much faster; often 2 or 3 days.

Clothing and Furniture

Tobacco smoke in clothing, leather and furniture upholstery can be difficult to remove especially if the material is not water tolerant. Silk, rayon, and many of the newer fibers are often not inclined to give up the odor without a fight. because of the size, furniture is not easily washable even if the upholstery is water tolerant. The solution is pretty simple. After cleaning by what ever method is appropriate, use an appropriately sized packet of OdorXit ClO2 to eliminate the odor. Use a 5 gram slow release packet in closets with smelly clothes and a 10 or 25 gram packet depending on room size for furniture

Cars and Trucks

So, if you have a lease car that the leasing company is going to charge you a fortune in "Turn In Charges" because you smoked in their car, or you have a vintage car that smells of mold or other nasty smells, or you just have a car that you don't want to smell bad anymore, you need to get this great new product called OdorXit CLO2. You only need a 5 gram Extended Release packet to take care of your car. Larger packages are available for your house, office or garage. Each packet comes with a FREE self adhering pouch that you can use to hold the pouch just about anywhere like on the bottom of your dashboard.

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