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Treating Sports Equipment


Sports equipment of all types (including exercise machines discussed elsewhere) have the potential of spreading many difficult to control pathogens including fungi like athletes foot. Although this means of transferring pathogens from person to person or equipment to person is not viewed by the public as a major threat, in many segments of the sports world it is well know and actively treated with largely ineffective methods. It's bad enough in the ice hockey world that many ice rinks now offer their patrons ozone treatment machines to try to control the pathogens growing on their equipment and reduce the resulting odors. These treatments are expensive, time consuming and will damage plastic part of the equipment.

The OdorXit CLO2 treatment does not eliminate the need to launder the clothing and equipment that is washable, but it does control the odor before laundering.

Treating Sports Equipment with OdorXit AQM (CLO2)

The OdorXit AQM CLO2 10 gram slow release packet can be placed in the athletes equipment bag using the clear plastic pouch that accompanies the product to isolate the packet from the equipment in the bag and protect it from being bleached while it is being deodorized and decontaminated. A very significant improvement in odor with an accompanying reduction and elimination of the pathogens causing the odors and the health threats.

An OdorXit AQM CLO2 10 gram slow release packet can also be used in a locker by pealing the paper backing off the clear plastic pouch and using the exposed removable adhesive to affix the pouch and packet high inside of the locker where it will eliminate the odor and pathogens on everything in the locker.

In an equipment storage room environment (like that found in many schools and colleges) where an attendant is present for handing out and accepting returned equipment, the number of packets, size and placement is critical so that the level in the air does not exceed the maximum daily exposure limits setup by OSHA and NIOSH. Suffice to say that if the attendant smells high or even medium levels of what smells like clorex there is too much CLO2 in the room. This is normally not a problem because with sports equipment there is plenty of material for the CLO2 to be working on, which keeps the amount of unused CLO2 in the area naturally low.

In a bowling alley situation where deodorizing the rental shoes is a concern, installing transparent doors over an array of storage pigeon holes will reduce the size of the packets needed and contain the CLO2 in the desired area. The action of the doors opening and closing provides all the air movement necessary to stir the CLO2 into the pigeon hold and shoes.

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