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Why you should not de claw a cat!!!

The info and links below are only a very small fraction of the links that can be found on the web by a simple search for the term "cat de clawing". Please do not have this barbaric proceeded done to your cat. There are much better alternatives and the following problems can also be avoided.

Litter box problems

Many experts say that de clawed cats have more litter box avoidance problems than clawed cats. It is not uncommon for de clawed cat owners to trade scratched furniture for urine-soaked carpeting. In one survey, 95% of calls about de clawed cats related to litter box problems, while only 46% of clawed cats had such problems-and most of those were older cats, many with physical ailments that accounted for the behavior.


Deprived of claws, a cat may turn to its only other line of defenseits teeth. Some experts believe that naturally aggressive cats that are de clawed are likely to become biters.

Clawing Furniture, Curtains and Carpet

Inappropriate scratching and clawing is often a result of trimming claws and the lack of a stable claw grooming device. Trimming claws is unnecessary if an appropriate grooming device is provided and there are hundreds of carpet and rope covered poles, boxes, pads and hanging devices designed especially for cats to groom their claws without damaging you house and its contents.

The major requirement for any of these devices is that when your cat pulls on them hard, they do not fall on you cat. One incident where the device falls on or just misses your cat and that will be the last time your cat goes near it or attempts to groom his claws on it.

The solution is simple, if you have wood floors, use 2 - 2 inch construction screws to secure it to the floor. Run the screw through opposite corners of the base through the carpet and padding into the wood flooring underneath. Do not crush the carpeting under the pole by over tightening the screws. I you have concrete floors you will have to weigh the bottom of the device so that it is not tippy.

Carpeted boxes are not so inclined to topple over if they are made of wood but if make of cardboard, you will need to weight down the box with old books or bricks.

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