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Dead Animals and Nests

Dead Animals

Dead, and rotting animal smells can be eliminated by carefully removing the bulk of animals body and surrounding contaminated insulation or nesting material and placing it in a heavy garbage bag. (Wear rubber gloves for this operation) It is normally not necessary to replace the ceiling material unless it is stained all the way through. Spraying the surrounding area with 4 to 8 ounces of diluted OdorXit (1 part OdorXit and:30 parts water) will eliminate the odor in just a few hours. Occationally 2 applications are necessary.

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Odors associated with animal nests found in cars, attics and crawl spaces can be effectively treated with OdorXit Concentrate. BE CAREFUL AND WEAR RUBBER GLOVES when removing a nest. Sometimes the owner may be hiding in the area and not take kindly to you destroying its nest.

Additionally, racoon nests can have bacteria in them that can kill you!

The first step is to remove the nest and any dead animals found. Remember that small animals, racoons, rats, mice, bats etc. build new nests because their nests become fowled with feces, urine and dead young. Often the nests are infested with roaches and other bugs feeding on the remains. These nests can and often give off enormous amounts of bad odor and are dangerous to handle because of the bacteria that feeds on the rotting flesh, nest material and droppings. Once the nest material and excrement have been removed, spray the entire area with OdorXit Concentrate diluted with water 1 part OdorXit and 30 parts water. You may have to spray the area several times depending on the age of the nest and the size of the animal who built it. Larger nests often require several treatments. Higher concentrations of OdorXit does not generally result in better results. The problem did not come into being in an hour, and expecting that OdorXit or any other odor control produce will fix it in an hour in unrealistic.

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Doggie Perfume

OdorXit also works on dogs that have rolled in a dead animal. Shampoo them with normal pet shampoo and rinse with warm water to remove the bulk of the dead material, then rinse with OdorXit solution mixed 2 ounces per gallon of water. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse again with warm water. Fido will smell fresh as a daisy when dry.

Wherever your dog has laid in the house before you discovered the odor, the area will need to be washed and treated with OdorXit solution as well. Use the standard 1 part OdorXit with 30 parts water for this application. Even though this type of contamination smells very bad, it is not usually penetrate deeply into the material. Therefor surface treatment is generally all that is required.

OdorXit Concentrate will not eliminate the "wet dog smell" that many large and some smaller dogs develop, however, OdorXit Magic will eliminate these odors for 2 to 12 weeks per application..

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Updated September, 2012

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