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TESTIMONIALS (results are based on recommended usage)

Dear Martin, I used to have a very old cat that would pee on one spot on the hard-wood floor for years. I would wash it with bleach, baking soda laundry soap... I sprayed it with nature’s miracle... nothing worked, it had soaked too deeply into the wood. Finally I was at the point of tearing up that part of the floor when I did an online search and found your product. I called and you were very nice and knowledgeable on the phone. I ordered a sixteen oz bottle. It was a little expensive but you assured me it would work. You said it may take a few applications due to the nature of the stain. I really only half believed you but I thought it was worth a try.
I followed the directions and sprayed it on the stain. The next day it smelled better than it had in years. I sprayed it about 5 more times over the next week and the smell was gone. It would come back every once in a while when it rained and I would soak the stain again. I am happy to report that it doesn't smell AT ALL in that area now. I never thought I would find something to take away the smell and make me happy about my house again. I have recommended it to friends and my vet as the only thing that truly works for terrible smelling stains.   Thank you so much!    Kirsty, NY *

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

"One of my kids threw up in the car. I couldn't get rid of the smell. I tried OdorXit. The smell was amazingly gone!"  Jim Kilgannon, Real Estate Invoice and  Board Member National REIA*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Laura L   California   I want to commend your website and your product. At 11:30 last night our dog got sprayed in the face by a skunk. I did a web search to come up with a solution and found a wide range of advice. My husband was about to go out to get peroxide when he remembered that we had OdorXit. He told me to check your website and sure enough I found instructions for helping poor Charlie. They were so well written and very sensitive to the needs of the dog. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and detail. We followed the instructions and though Charlie was not completely odor free it was vastly improved and he was able to spend the night in the house. Thank you!*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.




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