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Taxidermy Application Notes

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    Eliminating Odors in Birds and Ducks

    Bird and Duck mounts present an interesting dilemma for taxidermists. The wings are covered with feathers and the bones are very thin and fragile. How does one remove the mussel and fat without destroying the skin and feathers. Preservatives and tanning agents, for the most part, do a great job, but what can you do when you have a duck or bird that smells like rancid fat or meat?

    Injecting small amounts of 20 to 1 OdorXit solution into the wing joints and fingers will eliminate these odors quickly and permanently. Spraying 30 to 1 OdorXit solution on to the feathers and skin will take care of the exterior.

    Using OdorXit before you get to the recovery mode will keep happy customers happy and avoid doing jobs twice. You can not afford to be delaying other customers to fix problems that could have been eliminated right from the beginning.

    OdorXit odor remover

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