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Why Would You Want To Bring A Bio Active Odor Control Product Into Your Life?

When there are safe and effective products, that contain NO genetically modified bacteria or enzymes; only organic salts, essential oils and water.

Most of the odor control products available over the counter or by mail order on the internet contain Bio Active genetically modified bacteria or enzymes. These products are designed to accelerate the decomposition of the urine by products that cause the odor.

The issues with Bio Active products are:

  • They must be kept wet for several days in order for them to do their job (and there must be no detergent residue where you expect them to work).
  • Enzymes and bactera are not always friendly to all pets and humans.
  • None of the Bio Active products we looked at will work outside.
  • Most Bio Active products are designed to only work on urine residue.

OdorXit products not only eliminate urine odor, they work on a wide range of other odors as well.

OdorXit odor remover

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