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Uncover the Ease of Using OdorXit AQM & MOMS ClO2

OdorXit ClO2 products use the oxidization method to solve odor problems. By definition OdorXit ClO2 is a contact chemistry. IE the chlorine dioxide vapor (the active component of OdorXit ClO2) must come in contact with the source of the odor and the source of the odor must be prone to oxidization.

That is exactly what OdorXit ClO2 does. When the mylar outer covering is removed, the inner pouch containing sodium chlorite is exposed to the air and water or water vapor. This combination converts the sodium chlorite into chlorine dioxide gas which is a strong but selective oxidizer.

Using the included clear plastic self adhering pouch to mount the packet on a wall, or cabinet or above a door, or on the side of the basement steps works very well. If you have a ceiling fan in the area, set on slow and blowing up. You can also us a small desk fan set on slow or low to circulate the air in the area being treated. Do Not have the fan blowing directly on the packet. In small areas like closets and bathrooms the fan is not necessary and not recommended. The best placement in a closet is above the door frame. The best bathroom placement is across the room from the shower or tub and away from children.

Chlorine dioxide will oxidize/neutralize a wide range of malodors including mold fungus, mold spores, tobacco smoke, fire smoke, spoiled food, fish, animal scent spray (including cat and skunk), animal and human excrement, bed pan, sick room, and cooking odors. .

Like all oxidization-based products, OdorXit ClO2 can neutralize or oxidize a finite amount of material. This being said, if the pouch size used is not large enough to do the job, using another one or larger one will continue the process until it is completed. Subsequent re-contamination as is the case with mold and allergens, the treatment simply must be repeated. This fact does not detract from the fact that OdorXit ClO2 is fast acting and completely effective on a very broad range of malodors.

OdorXit ClO2 is simple to use. When you are ready to start treating an area, remove the outer mylar packaging from the inner Tyvek packet and place it in the plastic self-adhering pouch supplied with the product or on a plastic plate or in a plastic cup (with a few drops of water if the relative humidity is less than 40%). The Extended Release mode will produce gas for 20 to 30 days. The Fast Release mode will produce gas for 12 to 30 hours. In either case the same weight packet will produce the same amount of gas. Both the Extended and Fast Release modes require a small amount of water to work. 40% to 70% relative humidity is ideal for this purpose. If the relative humidity is lower than 40% a few drips of water added or damp paper towel can be placed next to or under the packet to trigger the reaction. If the relative humidity is higher than 70% the time the packet will be active will be less but the same amount of chlorine dioxide will will be produced. The packet does not work below freezing (32 degrees F or, 0 degrees C ).

Keep OdorXit Products and all odor control products away from small children and pets. As safe as OdorXit Products are, they are serious odor control products, not toys. OdorXit Products should be treated with respect and used with caution.

When using OdorXit ClO2 Slow Release, it is not necessary to vacate the area being treated if the packet being used is the proper size. If a heavy chlorine bleach odor developes leave the treated area or remove the ClO2 packet for a few hours. This situation can occur if the packet is too large for the area being treated or too much water was added to packet.

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the odor control experts by E-Mail or call us on our toll free help line 1-877-ODORXIT (1-877-636-7948) or (01)513-895-1000. We will return your email or phone call promptly.

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