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Refer Odors

Refers, refrigerated trailers and refrigerated containers, that have been turned off and left closed have a truly unique odor that is normally very difficult to eliminate. Coffee grounds are widely used to cover these odors, however, with a little work and OdorXit Magic you can recover even the worst smelling odors you have ever seen.

If there is a lot of goop you may want to use a garden hose or a power washer to rinse out the really bad stuff remove the spoiled food, meat, meat juices etc.

As you walk out of the container/trailer spray OdorXit Magic behind you toward the floor (1 to 3 pumps per step). The odor in the front of the container will be gone by the time you get to the back of the container.

Containers (refrigerated or not) and Refers with extreme odors will require more work and product, but they are recoverable just the same.

Last updated September 2006

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