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Mold on Antique Furniture and Clothing

Before we talk about mold on antiques, it helps to understand a little about mold and mildew. Mold and mildew are the same thing. They are one of thousands of verities of fungus that grow on all kinds of fibrous material including but certainly not limited to wood, leaves, paper, natural fiber fabric, leather and many other materials. The term growing implies that the fungus is expanding which it does while it digests (eats) what ever it is growing on. When there is mold growing on fabric, the fabric is actually being consumed and ultimately weakened to the point that it will simply fall apart. The same thing ultimately happens to leather and wood but it takes much longer because the amount of material to be digested compared to the surface area where mold can live is much larger.

Mold and mildew growing on Furniture often involves fabric, leather, and wood at the same time. Each must be considered to be a separate problem and treated separately. Eliminating the odor basically requires that you spray diluted OdorXit Concentrate on the areas where the mold is growing. Removing the stains and coloration left by the mold is another much more difficult problem that is beyond the scope and ability of OdorXit products.

Antique clothing that smells of mold can be sprayed with OdorXit Concentrate solution to eliminate the odor. This is often very effective but not always. If the piece is washable, it can be treated with OdorXit Concentrate while you wash it in detergent or Woolite by hand or in a washing machine. The key is to allow the piece to soak for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing the detergent and OdorXit out.

For objects and materials that can not tolerate a liquid product like paper, and materials you just don't want to get wet, use the OdorXit AQM ClO2 product. This product uses a small amount of powder safely enclosed in a very special white micro pouch packet that allows water vapor in and chlorine dioxide gas out. The chlorine dioxide gas oxidizes all mold funguses and mold spores it comes in contact with. The oxidized mold and spores can then be brushed or wiped off. This product will not repair the damage done by the mold.

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Updated January, 2011

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