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Treating Cat Litter Box Odors

Even when cats are well trained and behaved their litter box or litter boxes can smell very bad. This is partly due to the obvious accumulation of urine and feces but it is also controlled to a very great extent by the food given to the cat, the type of cat involved ane the design and placement of the litter box. In any case, even after scooping out the clumps of wet clumping litter (which lay on top of the dry litter), the litter box can have very bad odors that are normally difficult to control.

Additionally, a recent manufacture sponsored study entitled "Effect of an odor eliminator on feline litter box behavior" by Nicole Cottam MS and Nicholas H Dodman B.V.M.S., D.V.A. found that by spraying the inside of a covered litter box twice per day with Zero Odor® ** they noted "a 40% decrease in the average number of inappropriate eliminations" (house-soiling) during the test period. No other products were tested.

** Our own tests comparing the product used in the test with OdorXit Magic have shown that OdorXit Magic sprayed on the inside of a covered cat box lasts 30 to 60 times longer while introducing no odor of its own.

The bottom line is that your cat(s) probably do not like the smell of the litter box any more than you do. To solve this problem, we would like to put forth some ideas for controlling the litter box odors.

  1. Clumping litter leaves wet clumps of litter laying on top of the dry litter and blocks access to the dry litter under it. To promote litter box usage, you need to buy one of those electric scoop boxes or do it yourself several times per day per box OR use standard non-clumping baked clay litter. The cats will dig a pit in which to urinate or defecate. The urine wets the litter at the bottom of the box and accumulates while leaving the litter above dry. This also retards the evaporation of the water from the urine and the resulting ammonia odor.
  2. Use a large covered litter box. The key here is to spray and wet the inside walls and top of the cover with OdorXit Magic. It will absorb the odors coming from the litter for about 1 weeks! When you change the litter on garbage night, dump the entire contents of the litter box into the garbage can (use a 3 or 4 inch drywall knife to scrape out the wet litter) and then wet the bottom of the litter box with diluted OdorXit Concentrate. It completely eliminates the odor from the previous weeks accumulation of urine so you are starting fresh. Put 4 quarts of baked clay litter in the pan and put it back in service. Before replacing the cover for the litter box, lightly wet the inside of the cover with OdorXit Magic. The litter pan will normally require no further service for a week
  3. If you have more than 1 cat, you really should have 1 litter box per cat plus one. Sometimes you can get by with 1 box per 2 cats, but they need to be well behaved and willing to share. With most cats, the baked clay litter called OilDry at around $4 for a 25 pound bag is a real benefit. Use the money you used to spend on litter on better quality cat food that often produces less smelly stool.
  4. For cats that still do not consistently use the litter box, there is a litter product called Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Litter Attractant available at many local pet stores sprinkled on top of the litter will almost always do the trick without resorting to expensive clumping litter or alternatives to standard baked clay litter. Sometimes you can get a bottle of powder from your vet to sprinkle on top of the litter. That not being the case, you can get a clumping litter that you can use exclusively or just spread a couple of cups on top of the regular litter. It attracts the cats to use the litter box and it is quite effective. When just spread on top of non-clumping litter, it does not clump.

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As you already know, bleach does not get rid of urine odors. Even the strongest and cheapest detergent " TSP" does not get rid of all of the urine odor.

We at OdorXit would like to offer a solution that is both safe and effective. Instead of trying to digest the odor causing urine by products, OdorXit neutralizes these materials rendering them incapable of producing the ammonia and mercaptan gasses that are so objectionable.

OdorXit concentration for litter box applications should be 1:30 or 4 ounces per gallon. The concentration is less important than getting the solution in contact with all of the wet and/or dried urine. OdorXit Concentrate should never be used undiluted!!

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