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Garbage and Spoiled Foods

Spoiled food, rotting meat and garbage odors can easily be eliminated with OdorXit Concentrate or OdorXit AQM .

OdorXit Concentrate

Garbage cans, turned off refrigerator, under sinks or counters where food has been allowed to spoil can be odor free. First remove the bulk of the spoiled food by sweeping and/or washing the area with detergent and water, and then spray thoroughly with the normal consternation of OdorXit Concentrate (1 ounce of OdorXit in 1 quart of water).

Spraying the inside of a garbage will reduce but often will not eliminate the odor unless the can has been rinsed out prior to spraying because the small chunks of material left in the can do not get soaked with OdorXit. As the material continues to decompose, additional odor is produced.

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The odor of sour milk in fabric like car seats or carpeting can be eliminated by washing the affected surface area with detergent and water, and then soaking the fabric and padding with OdorXit (2 or 3 ounces of OdorXit in 1 gallon of water). In the case of foam padded seats, several treatments from both top and bottom may be necessary. This is because the foam has a tendency to hide material in nearly inaccessible areas. Unless you really soak the foam, the odor often will return (though substantially reduced) when the car is left in the sun for several hours with the windows closed.

Dead, and rotting animal smell, animal nest smell can be eliminated by removing the bulk of rotting material or nest material and spraying the remains and surrounding area.

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OdorXit also works on dogs that have rolled in the dead animal in the yard. Shampoo them with normal pet shampoo, rinse with OdorXit mixed 2 ounces per gallon of water. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse again with warm water. Fido will smell fresh as a daisy when dry.

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Magic By OdorXIt

OdorXit will not eliminate the "wet dog smell" many large and some small and medium dogs develop, however, Magic by OdorXit will. Diluting Magic 1 ounce of Magic to 10 ounces of water and use it torinse your dog after a bath will eliminate the "Wet Dog Smell" for at least a week or more. Follow up treatments involving spraying 5 or 10 squirts of Magic on your hands and rubbing it on your dogs coat will extend the action another week or so.

OdorXit AQM (Air Quality Manager)

Garbage odors in residential garbage cans, dumpster, and other enclosed areas where garbage odors and bacteria build-up are a problem can effectively be treated for 20 to30 day at a time with OdorXit ClO2 Extended Release packets. A 10 gram packet will eliminate the odor in a garbage can for 20 to30 days. A 25 or 50 gram packet will eliminate the odor in a closed garbage dumpster for 20 to 30 days as well.

Simply stick the adhesive backed pouch that accompanies the product on the inside of the lid of a garbage can or in a place on the side of a dumpster where it will not be removed by dumping the contents of the unit, remove the outer mylar packaging of the product packaging and place the unopened tyvek packet in the pouch. The water vapor in the can or dumpster will be enough to activate the process.

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