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Toys, Car Seat, Play Pen, Etc. Safe from Germs Bacteria and Odor from Urine

Understanding the Problem

Whether it is from a leaky diaper or little boys missing the toilet, urine odor can be very difficult to control and eliminate. The piece of the problem that is widely misunderstood is why urine odor is so hard to remove.

Common Beliefs Are Not Always True!

Common knowledge says that bacteria is causing the odor problem. And treating it with strong bleach, ammonia, detergents or enzyme products will eliminate the problem. Sorry, it simply is not true and in fact, treating urine odors (contamination) with house hold products generally makes the problem worse by spreading the contamination over a larger area.

More Information than you probably want to know but the truth about urine odor

The simply truth is that as urine dries and decomposes it goes through several transformations.

  1. In the first stage of decomposition of the ureic acid (which is in all urine) produces ammonia gas and urea salt (urea salt that has no odor when it is dry). Once all the water has evaporated, any living organisms die for lack of a hospitable environment in which to live. Washing clothes and bedding promptly before the urine drys is very important to limit the amount of OdorXit needed to remove the urine odor and to reduce the urine smell.
  2. In the second stage, further decomposition occurs when the urea salt is exposed to water (or water vapor) and materials containing hydrogen and sulfur, (dust mite bodies, dirt, etc.). This combination produces mercaptan gas (the same basic stuff they put in propane and natural gas to alert you to a gas leak) that smell really bad. The difference is that the version of mercaptan gas produced by urea salt is much worse smelling.

OdorXit Concentrate works on both stages to block the production of the undesirable gasses provided that the diluted Concentrate comes in direct contact with the smelly materials. This is fine except for one annoying problem. OdorXit Concentrate has a fairly short residual life, so if there additional urine added after the treatment, it will have to be re-treated to eliminate the new odor. This is not a problem for clothing and bedding that gets washed regularly because you just need to add a small amount of OdorXit Concentrate to the wash as described below.

OdorXit Concentrate is a mixture of all natural salts and oils with 99%+ water so is very safe to use around baby, baby clothes and baby items.

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Magic by OdorXit on the other hand is very fast acting and has a very long residual action measured in days and weeks at which point, the contaminated area needs to be washed anyway, and more Magic applied. This product is perfect on areas that are normally hard to get to (around the toilet) and are not subject to your baby crawling on the area or handling the contaminated material. Magic by OdorXit gets rid of the odor but is not a disinfectant.

It's great to spray on baby's dirty diapers when you're changing out in public, in a hot car or just leaving the used diaper in the trash. You won't spray it every day, just a few squirts and the smells will be absorbed all week.

Magic by OdorXit is safe for baby and is made from 5 essential oils using a food grade surfactant with 99%+ water.

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Smelly Toys

When ever you wash baby's toys, add a small amount of OdorXit Concentrate to the detergent spray or wash tub. Allowing the toy(s) to soak in the detergent for a minute or so will give both the detergent and the OdorXit time to remove what ever contamination and odor that happens to be on the toys.

Larger toys can be sprayed with a mixture of detergent and OdorXit and wiped thoroughly and rinsed with a wet cloth.

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Potty Chairs

Potty Chairs and other bathroom fixtures that are subject to heavy and repeated urine and fecal contamination need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. After cleaning, spraying them with OdorXit Concentrate will neutralize the dried urine residue that can not be washed away. To control future contamination odors, spray a small amount of OdorXit Magic on the areas likely to be re-contaminated.


Diaper Pails, Diaper Disposal Containers and Diapers

Diaper pails and diaper disposal containers can be the source of horrendous odors. Even a tightly wrapped used diaper can be very smelly. OdorXit Magic is really effective at controlling these odors. Just 2 or 3 pumps of the mist sprayer into a diaper pail or disposal container will eliminate the odor for days. A single pump of OdorXit Magic directly on a tightly wrapped used diaper will completely eliminate the odor until it can be properly disposed of.

When cleaning out diaper pails or disposal containers, spray the inside with OdorXit Concentrate solution to eliminate the residual odor that will not wash out. This will lower the over all odor level and reduce the amount of OdorXit Magic needed between major clean-ups.


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Play Pens

Play pens, like toys, need to be cleaned occasionally, and like toys play pens often have residual urine and vomit odors that simply can not be washed away. OdorXit Concentrate will work very well on both plastic and fabric play pen liners. One part OdorXit Concentrate mixed with 30 parts of water works really well to eliminate the residual odor after washing the liner.

Remember that Magic by OdorXit and OdorXit Concentrate are not disinfectants. They are odor eliminators. The AQM - OdorXit's Chlorine Dioxide product is a deodorizer and will clean and deodorize mold, mildew and more. .

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Car Seats and Car Upholstery

Car seats and car upholstery are generally either fabric or plastic or in a few cases leather. In all of these cases the urine or vomit is very often dryed by the time that you get around to cleaning up the mess.
If you are working with fabric and have a water tollerant vacuum cleaner or smell shop vac.

  1. Clean the end of the vacuum hose!
  2. Remove any puddles and chunks of urine or vomit.
  3. Dump a glass of water mixed with a small amount of detergent on the contaminated area of the car seat or the car's seat and vacuum it out until it is nearly dry. This process can be repeated several times with just water to rinse the detergent and desolved materal out of the fabric.
  4. Spray the area with a solution of 1 part OdorXit Concentrate and 30 parts of water.

Plastic and leather can be just wiped off with a wet cloth after removing the chunks then spray the area with OdorXit Concentrate solution (1:30).

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