Man’s best friend. Those lovable, precious four-legged creatures that greet you when you come home, bark to protect you when danger arises and sleep at the foot of your bed at night. They make the perfect companions–now that OdorXit can conquer any odor problems associated with them.

The one major drawback to adding an adorable, energetic puppy to your household is the dreaded period of house training. Until that puppy learns how to tell you that he needs to do his business, he will relieves himself whenever and wherever he chooses. Inside. Not pleasant.PicHooch2

A second drawback associated with many puppies and adult dogs is body odor often called “Wet Dog Smell”. This is not limited to big or small or short hair or long hair or any other aspect, or breed of the dog.  Some dogs have lots of body odor and others have none.  When they lay on something like a dog bed blanket, or chair, or couch, or rub against you leg the smell rubs off and is very difficult to remove.

The key to eliminating dog body odor is to bath them fairly often in mild detergent pet shampoo to remove the oil on their skin and fur.  There are many formulations available made of a variety of materials that are not supposed to irritate your dogs skin. The bottom line is that some will cause irritation when used 2 or 3 times per month, while others will not on your dog!  Sometimes alternating between 2 different products will help the irritation problems.

There is one more thing you can do to control the body odor so that you do  not have to bath your problem dog so often. After you have thoroughly rinses the shampoo off, you can apply diluted OdorXit Magic as a second rinse or odor treatment. Diluting OdorXit Magic 5 to 10 parts of water to 1 part of OdorXit Magic will prevent the wet dog odor for several weeks more than just bathing.

The key to stopping urine odor is to treat the spots promptly. This should include using a water tolerant vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the liquid. Adding a glass of water to the spot and re-vacuuming also helps a lot. Then wet the area with OdorXit Concentrate (1 ounce of OdorXit to 30 ounces of water) and rub it in. This limits the spread of the urine into the carpet backing and padding, thus stops the smell. The OdorXit concentrate chemically alters the odor causing residue, so that the urine residue no longer produces the odors. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum and spray a little diluted OdorXit Concentrate in the hose and tank.

Keep in mind that the diluted OdorXit Concentrate solution must come in direct contact with all the dog urine residue to eliminate all of the odor. A few carpet types and all carpet padding resist this effort. Odors caused by dog urine residue in hardwood flooring, sub-flooring, concrete, dirt, gravel, fabric, clothing, upholstery, and most other surfaces and material are very effectively and completely eliminated.

Because the re-contamination of flooring and carpet is expected in a house training situation, using OdorXit Magic is a handy option for eliminating urine smells as well. Using its  “gas absorption” technology it attracts, traps and eliminates dog urine odors from the air. When sprayed on flooring, carpeting, upholstery, and most other surfaces and materials, OdorXit Magic absorbs the gasses (odors) coming from the dog urine residue. This process continues for 2 to 12 weeks depending on the amount of odor being produced and the amount of sun shining on the area.

Another odor problem associated with dogs arises from the oil on their skin and coats. This oil makes their skin soft and their coats shiny, but it often has an unpleasant odor. The odor rubs off onto flooring, carpet, furniture, car seats, bedding and clothing. Furthermore, it is difficult to remove without the use of OdorXit Magic. Simply rinsing a dog with diluted OdorXit Magic after a bath prevents the odor from being produced for weeks.

Both products are extremely safe for adults, children and pets. They are also very effective on a wide range of surfaces and odors including urine, feces and scent (territorial) marking spray. OdorXit products actually neutralize or absorb the substances that are causing the odors. They do so without enzymes, bacteria, perfumes or harsh chemicals. They are also non-staining, non-toxic and biodegradable.

In short, OdorXit shows dog odors the exit.

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