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OdorXit Concentrate

Buy OdorXit Concentrate for completely removing tough odors

OdorXit Concentrate uses a contact chemistry process to completely eliminate organic odors at their source. When used on clothing, bedding, furniture and hard flooring application is simple and effective.

OdorXit Concentrate is available in 3 sizes; 4, 16 and 64 ounce bottles. The 4 ounces makes 1 gallon of solution, 16 ounces makes 4 gallons of solution and 64 ounces make 16 gallons of solution, and in some applications much more.

Used on any hard surface and many soft materials, OdorXit Concentrate completely eliminates organic odors often in just one application. It also works on and is safe to use on skin and pet fur.

Even though it completely eliminates the production of many organic odors, it can sometimes be difficult to apply properly on wall to wall carpeting because of the multi layer construction of carpeting, padding and flooring involved.

Buy OdorXit odor remover

As an example, repeated urine contamination of carpet, padding and flooring often goes undetected for weeks or months. During this time the contamination can spread far beyond the area being directly contaminated. Finding and treating urine residue that has wicked under walls and floors is often beyond the desire of the user especially if the source of the re-contamination has not been stopped.

Buy OdorXit odor remover