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Case Studies
of Real People's Odors and How They Successfully Eliminated Them

Best Odor Eliminator Available and You Know There's a Money Back Guarantee! OdorXit is the most effective organic odor eliminator available at any price, but if it is not applied properly even OdorXit will not eliminate your odor problem. The case studies presented here are intended to help you to better understand and better evaluate your situation and what you are likely to be dealing with. With this powerful information, you will be better prepared to use OdorXit as one of the tools necessary to eliminate even the toughest odor problems in a safe and cost-effective way.

Most odor problems are not as severe as those presented here, however, the problems presented are by no means unusual. If your problem is not this severe, all the better. If you are willing to live with a substantial reduction in your odor problem (for any number of valid reasons) rather than eliminating the odor completely, these case studies will make it clear what will eventually have to be done to eliminate the odor.


Actual Case Studies All of these case studies are of real OdorXit customer's projects. They were either photographed by our customer, or by a Listening Systems staff member. The photos have not be altered except to add an occasional reference mark to identify the area of the photo being discussed. The descriptions and photos are graphic and often unpleasant, but not at all uncommon when dealing with pets and people soiling their living space.


Works On Contact! Because OdorXit is a "Contact Chemistry" product, it only works when it comes in direct contact with the odor source. Therefore, when using it you must make certain that you use enough to penetrate to the odors' source. One of the goals of these case studies is to make it very clear where the urine or other contaminants can and do go, and by definition, where OdorXit must go to eliminate the odor. As shown in the case studies, this can be under carpet tack strips, between drywall and base boards, between the joint cracks in hardwood flooring, between toe strips and base boards, between floor boards and wall nailer boards. Your particular case may not include all of the problems pictured here, but you can bet that it contains some of them! OdorXit is a powerful tool. Used properly, it is an extremely effective solution to your organic source odor.

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As effective as OdorXit is, it can not and does not eliminate all odors. Click here for the things OdorXit Can't do.

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