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Does Your Pet Daycare or Pet Hotel Ever Smell "Good Enough"?

Now There's OdorXit - The Most Effective and Safest Odor Eliminator Available!

Pet Day Care

Whether you are a dog, cat, ferret, or any other pet day care provider, keeping your cages and kennel facilities clean and odor free can be a time consuming, difficult and dangerous task if you do not have the proper chemical products and procedures in place.

  • Did you know that decomposing urine produces ammonia?
  • Did you know that enzyme based odor control products produce ammonia?
  • Did you know that using chlorine bleach products in the presents of ammonia vapor produces free chlorine gas that can cause chemical burns in the respiratory tracts of both animals and humans?

Because OdorXit products have no enzyme/bacteria (digester) products and contain only organic, water soluble salts and oils, it produces no ammonia or other gasses that could be harmful to animals or humans.

Eliminating odors from urine, feces, scent spray or birthing is easy with both OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit Magic. Try them, you will be amazed.

Buy OdorXit Concentrate odor remover

OdorXit actually neutralizes the substances that cause the odor. Just spray OdorXit concentrate diluted with water as instructed on the odor source. It's safe for humans and pets, effective on a wide range of surfaces and leaves no lingering odor of its own. OdorXit will even work after you have used other product that failed to product the desired result.

Call our toll free help line 1-877-OdorXit (1-877-636-7948) or email your questions about odors and OdorXit. We use OdorXit products our self and have helped thousands of our customers successfully solve their odor problem!

OdorXit is 100% money back guarantee to perform as advertised or we will return all of you money including shipping and handling.

OdorXit's Corporate Mission

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To talk to one of our odor control experts via email or call us at 877-636-7948 or (01-)513-895-1000
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