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Mold Odor On Magazines and Comic Books

Removing mold, mildew, and musty smells from magazines, comic books, pamplets, and other small soft spine documents is normally a very big deal. However, OdorXit CLO2 has turned that around completely.

Because OdorXit CLO2 is a vapor there is no wetting of the paper which avoides the majority of proplems associated with mold on paper. The only issue that needs to be addressed is getting the gas (which uses a contact chemistry approach) to come in direct contact with the mold growing on the covers and pages.

Using a plastic tub like those available at WalMart that are deep enough to allow the document to be hung over a straight part of a wire clothes hanger that sits in the top of the tub with the document hanging down and not touching the bottom. This will open the document (magazine) enought for the CLO2 gas to get inside the document. Many documents can be hung in the tub each on their own hanger.

Mount the CLO2 packet on the side of the tub near the top and make sure there is at least 40% relative humidity in the tub. The easiest way to determine relative humidity is go to the weather.com and type in your zip code. It will tell you the out door temperature and relative humidity(RH). If the RH is less than 50% outside and it is cooler outside than inside the RH will be lower inside than outside. The work around the low RH is to put 2 or 3 drops of water inside the pouch with the white packet. Try NOT to get the water directly on the packet. If you do get it on the packet, it will make the packet create the vapor a little faster than if you don't and it will shorten the useful life of the packet.

Because CLO2 is heavier than air, it tends to lay on the bottom of the tub. A very small electric fan placed in the tub blowing upward will accellerate the process considerably.

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Last updated April, 2009

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