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Here's What One of Our Customers Said:

Arkansas, USA    Dear OdorXit,
I have used Odorxit for over two years and have been a VERY satisfied customer. As a cat owner of several cats I had tried everything on the market with no appreciable success. When I tried OdorXit it worked--exactly as they promised! I use it in the laundry,in the carpet steamer and on my wood floors. I have recommended it to friends as well as the local realtors and animal shelter. Everyone who tries it loves it. Try it once and you will never use anything else.                                        Louise C, AR*

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Dog Urine on Corner of Couch exposed by UV flashlight

How to Remove Dog Urine from Furniture IN MINUTES

I don't know if our pets don't want to wake us up in the middle of the night to go pee or they just won't wake us up, or they just like to see us remove dog urine from furniture.

Maybe they are just too lazy to pee enough before they go to bed.

I take up the water bowl at 9pm. But still, I find I need to remove dog urine from furniture - my couch or overstuffed chair - because they can't hold it all night long. What a stinky surprise when company sits in the chair. Or you. And it smells enough you know dog urine removal from furniture is in your future.

Sometimes you find you need to remove dog urine from carpet too.

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You walk barefoot and find the wet spots. Yuck. And then you smell it too. Ugh! And always on the night before you're having company.

My dog is smart enough to not let me catch him putting dog pee on the furniture.. And you can only train him when you catch him in the act of peeing on the furniture. Errr! If you do walk through the urine while it is still wet, it's much easier to get dog urine out of the furniture or carpet.

If it's been a while and the urine has dried, there is only one extra step. But don't fret. We can still show you how to remove dog urine from furniture or carpeting easily with OdorXit Concentrate, water and a little elbow grease! (ELBOW NOTE (not foot note): Elbow grease, for those younger than me means using your arms to get the bulk of the work done. It's not really grease/oil. It's more like 'labor intensive'. Anyway, OdorXit Concentrate, if you're willing to work it will remove urine from furniture, carpeting, hardwood floors and anything else there might be urine on. It is

GUARANTEED or all your money back

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Let me tell you the steps to get the dog pee or even cat urine out of the furniture or carpet.

Removing dog urine from furniture or carpet will be labor intensive.

There is NO silver bullet to make it happen easily. You are tackling the toughest application to test our product. HOWEVER, done right You WILL get the dog urine or cat urine out of the furniture! (OdorXit Concentrate eliminates people urine too!)

Look at the picture above in the enlarged version. You can see the ultraviolet spots on the couch. That is where you're dog urine removal from furniture skills with elbow grease will come in handy.

Mix the OdorXit Concentrate one ounce to 30 ounces water. Squirt it heavily on the leg of the furniture or whereever the urine is. Even injecting it into the furniture is helpful. When you spray it on, it will roll off. But you want it to stay on the urine for a minute or two to get to all the urine and neutralize it. So if you're not going to inject the solution, spray it heavily a few time a day, let it dry, smell it, and/ or spray again. It will eliminate the smell if you can keep the solution on the area of the urine long enough.

If it is a reclining chair, and the urine is on the foot rest, put the foot rest up as if you are sitting in the chair. Spray the foot rest and let the solution dry soak a minimum of a few minutes before you put the foot rest down. As long as you get it to all the urine, you have removed the dog urine smell and your do urine removal skills have been perfected! Great Job!

OdorXit Concentrate MUST get to all of those surfaces where the urine has run to actually neutralize urine odor 100%.

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My dog Hooch makes sure I don't get out of practice to remove dog urine from furniture. He's better at waiting to go outside than he used to but he still sometimes pees on the furniture when we're sleeping.

So, yes, you may be saying it's work. But my furniture is worth it. And... I KNOW THIS WORKS!

Here's my backup plan if I don't remote dog urine from furniture before company comes: I spray with Magic by OdorXit around the furniture I just worked on for dog urine removal. Magic absorbs any left over odors in the air and no one will know Hooch might have peed on my furniture.

So there is double OdorXit protection!

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I unfortunately just did this process again this morning to my recliner. My dog was mad at me because our house guest, who's sole purpose was to play with the Hooch, went home.

We wanted him to have his own personality. Oh well. He has. We love him anyway and wouldn't trade him for anything. He is our Forever Dog - needing to remove dog urine from furniture or the carpet or not!

When your pet makes messes

Love them anyway with OdorXit!

Remove dog urine from furniture or even cat urine on furniture - anywhere - and so fast and easy you won't believe it!

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