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Now you can remove even the toughest cooking and burned food odors from your house, and kitchen appliances without calling in the disaster recovery crew.

Let OdorXit show you what a odor free house really smells like!


Dear OdorXit. I have a rental when the tenants cooked a lot of curry foods and apparently burned a few of those meals too. I did paint over the odor in hopes of sealing it in. It didn't work. I couldn't rent the house because of the smell. I got a 10g and a 25g AQM - my house was pretty big - and set it off. It took a couple weeks but the gas went through the paint and got rid of the odor. Not sure how that worked, but it did. I now get full rent from the house. My tenants don't smell anything. I keep it on hand for all my rentals in the future! Thanks! Bob Atlanta, GA *

*DISCLAIMER: The results described here aren't typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

Get rid of cooking odors easily-Never smell them after painting again


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It is really frustrating having the cooking odors and smoke smells come back a week after painting your house or apartment.

It's just as frustrating having the fish odors at breakfast the next morning.

Isn't there something out there to really get rid of cooking odors and smoke smells completely without painting or floral smells?

Are you cooking your favorite fish recipe or filet mignon? And it over cooks and the smells linger for days. Then it happens again and again.

Maybe your recipes call for heavy doses of curry powder or garlic. And the smells fill the air...for days. And cabbage cooking odors? What can you do about them?

Don't let those occasional mishaps on the stove or in the oven make your house smell like the burned version of last weeks' great recipe.

Paint doesn't seal in cooking odors or smoking odors

The odor is actually a gas or stinky grease. Not quite a liquid and definitely not a solid. So you can't really paint over it.

AQM - Air Quality Manager - by OdorXit works overnight in some cases and is really effective on cooking odors, curry odors, removing fish odors, strong spices, those tough burned food odors and even smoke odors that the cleaning company wanted $1,000 to remove.

GUARANTEED or all your money back

OdorXit AQM Ozone Machine AQM
by OdorXit
• Oxidizes odor
• Selectively oxidizes/removes cooking odors
• Can be in the room while it works
Won't harm plastics or electronics
• Non Toxic
• Doesn't bleach surfaces
Not harmful to lungs during normal use
Cost usage $329 + storage
Lasts For Ever
Less than $50
per kitchen

OdorXit AQM:

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Get AQM and discover how to get rid of fish odors almost overnight!

Overnight delivery available on orders placed before noon EST Mon-Thru

Remove fish odor and remove cooking odor anywhere and so fast and easy you won't believe it!

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