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Is it Really Possible to Eliminate the Smell of a New Kitten in Your House?

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Remove Urine Odor From:
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  • Bedding
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  • Concrete
  • Clothing
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  • Furniture
  • Leather
  • Litter Boxes
  • Wood Flooring
  • Not a messy Liquid
  • And Many Other Materials
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    When you bring a new kitten or even a cat into your house they are often poorly trained to use the litter box. Caring for, training and raising free and rescued kittens can often be a jaw dropping, frustrating experience. And it can result in a costly and often unsuccessful repair job of your house. With OdorXit Products you can stop costly repair jobs by using our "helpful, valuable" cleanup tips found in our step by step instructions included with every bottle of concentrate you purchase.

    Not surprisingly, else where on this web site you can see our 2 cats and a dog, plus challenging rental property we and some of our customers own that the tenants have had pets too. We use both OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit Magic in our home for litter box odor control and our business and are always amazingly how great OdorXit Products work, but you be the sole judge of OdorXit's Success.

    OdorXit odor remover

    Both OdorXit Concentrate and OdorXit Magic will eliminate odors in cat boxes, flooring, carpeting and other materials. The difference is that Magic uses gas (odor) absorption technology and Concentrate uses contact chemistry technology to neutralize the source of the odor. Both are very effective!

    OdorXit Magic is a VERY easy to use product. You just spray on the area that the odor is coming from every 2 to 12 weeks to control the odor being produced.

    OdorXit Concentrate will permanently eliminate the odors by reacting with the source of the odor. The challenge is to get OdorXit Concentrate solution to the source of the odor. For flooring it is usually very easy, for carpeting it is more difficult. Because of that difficulty, much of this web site is dedicated to helping our customers successfully use OdorXit Concentrate on a wide variety of materials. Explore our Using OdorXit section for application instructions and applicator suggestions.

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