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Are you looking for an all natural odor removal product that works?

Are you rightfully concerned about the side effects of using genetically modified enzymes & bacteria products in your home? If you aren't you certainly should be! That's why we don't sell them AT ALL!

Well, here are 2 incredible odor control products that are unlike anything else on the market, and they really do work.

Wait, Over 10000 people have visited this page from the Green People Web Site. (It is the only link to this page.) What interests me is that not one so called "green" person has bought these great products. So we at OdorXit ask ourselves "Are you concerned that these products are like the other "Green" products that work poorly or not at all?" We just ask that you give us a try.

And next you ask; "if this stuff is so good, why isn't P&G or Lever Brothers selling it?" That one is just too easy...They would bury these products in a hot second. A product that actually gets rid of odors completely doesn't allow them to sell enough product. So again we ask you to give us a try. And if it doesn't work like we say, call us. We WILL walk you through the process to ensure you do get rid of your smell completely. Honest!

OK Back to the regularly scheduled web page

Buy OdorXit Magic and Concentrate Products

Containing only water based organic salts and oils, they pose no health or environment issues. They contain no perfume, no carcinogens, no harsh solvents, enzymes, bacteria, or other products that will harm you, your children, your pets or the environment. Check the MSDS

The only down side to these products is...you have to read and follow the instructions for the problem you are trying to solve! Seems like a small price to pay in light of the fact that OdorXit Products are 100% Money Back Guaranteed and you have nothing to loose.

I know that you've been told that sealers, baking soda, bleach and ammonia, vinegar and all sorts of mixtures of stuff will get rid of urine, spray, vomit, and feces odors. But how did they work for you? If they did work 100%, you probably wouldn't be on our webpage. Give us a chance!

Now, here's a tip for you. Most pet stains can be easily removed with just water and water tolerant vacuum cleaner in just seconds if you catch it before it begins to dry and soak into the padding.

Because you really care about the environment, your only choice is OdorXit Products.

Buy OdorXit Magic odor remover

With OdorXit Magic and other OdorXit Products You can totally eliminate the tough odors in your home, car, boat, and more so fast and easy you won't believe it!

OdorXit Magic and OdorXit Concentrate are completely different products that take very different approaches to controlling odor in your living spaces. Both products work on dog, cat, human, and rodent urine, feces, vomit, spoiled food, fish, and meat, spilled milk, eggs, and a host of other tough odors on all sorts of materials.


Buy OdorXit Concentrate

Buy OdorXit AQM odor remover

We are so sure that you will be successful with OdorXit, we offer a no nonsense 100% money back guarantee. We have a toll free help line 1-877-ODORXIT (1-877-636-7948) manned by people who actually know how to use OdorXit or you can e-mail your Questions.

Let us help you with your application questions or problems that have not yet been addressed in the extensive Using OdorXit application notes section presented on this web site. OdorXit's Mission

OdorXit Products are not cover-ups, bacteria or enzyme products. They actually eliminates organic odors using one or more of 3 chemical actions without creating dangerous, harmful and smelly gasses and by-products.

Free information on how you can quickly and easily eliminate the odors produced by: cat, dog, & human urine, feces , vomit, dead animals and nests, rotting meat, fish, and vegetables, mold, mildew, and other organic odors imbedded in carpeting, clothing, fabric, floors, concrete, animal and fish trophy mounts and hides, skin , walls, refrigerators, car interiors and many other porous and not so porous materials.
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To talk to one of our odor control experts via email or call us at 877-636-7948 or (01-)513-895-1000
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