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Pets, As Our Friends!

In most of the free world, people have taken on domesticated and some not so domesticated animals as pets. Most enrich our lives enormously with their love and affection. Many provide a degree of security with their stealth and intelligence that no electronic gadget could hope to attain. Others simply provide a warm and fuzzy companion that requires little more than love, food, and provisions for simple primitive hygiene.

Those of us who have or have had pets know that sometimes our pets are not always inclined to take advantage of our love, food and provisions for hygiene. Particularly the food and hygiene parts. Desire for people food or something special out of a can, can often make our pets and their waste smell simply terrible. We have recently stumbled across a product that actually makes your cat want to use the cat box. It is a special cat litter called Cat Attract. There is lots of information about this at the Precious Cat Litter web site .

Then there is always the territorial issues, where one pet (often a new member of the group) will decide that a particular part of the house or yard is theirs exclusively. This often starts a war of very aromatic markings here and there and often everywhere.

If you are having a territorial marking problem with cats, you might want to check out the following web site:
Understanding Feline Marking Behaviors

For a more general cat web site that addresses feline behavioral modification, check out:

If you know of a web site that addresses canine behavioral modification, I would be very pleased to provide a link to it in this space. Please email the link to me at: Comments.

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